Cyberattack evidence, Trump and Russians

Evidence, evidence, evidence… Ok, I can’t just walk away. Let me add my $0.02 here.

First, from the article:

«The public report lacked the evidence that intelligence officials said was included in a classified version, which they described as information on the sources and methods used to collect the information about… Those would include intercepts of conversations and the harvesting of computer data from “implants” that the United States and its allies have put in Russian computer networks.»

Okay, so here is a quick summary:

  1. No evidence. Not just a lack of evidence, no evidence. But, hey, «classified» and top secret version has it. Sure. Unfortunately it is hard to forget «mistakes» from past, for example, an evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq which was presented by US officials. You can’t claim anything and ask us blindly believe it, nope, not anymore.
  2. Sources and methods of collecting such data shows that US is hacking computers in Russian government. Oh, does it mean US is cyber attacking Russia? Yes, it does, «implants» means «hacking». And sounds like they made it before, otherwise how would you be able to get such data? So let’s accept the fact that everyone does it, and it is very possible that US crossed a line first.
  3. So why it is so nosy? I’m going to guess here.
    A. To distract attention from the content of the information which was revealed to the public. Everyone discusses who did it instead of what was revealed.
    B. To have an excuse. «That’s why we lost an election» not because of our candidate, but because of the external pressure.
    C. To unite the nation. Right now dems and republicans are confronting each other + plus mass shooting every month somewhere. Let’s kill 2 birds with one rock.
    D. To dump Trump’s legitimacy. «House of cards» … It is possible.


Let’s think critical, let’s listen to both sides and alternative information channels. Let’s be patient and try not to destroy this planet 🌎 (till we find a replacement) 🙂
#RussiansDidIt 😂🙈
Have a great day everyone.

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